World Interaction Design Day 2020

World Interaction Design Day 2020 - IxDD20

World Interaction Design Day 2020 (IXDD20) on September 29 - was a blast! This year we partnered up with the four well-known Dutch UX communities: Ladies that UX Amsterdam, Ladies that UX Utrecht, Amsterdam UX and Amsterdam UX Cocktail hours - Let's celebrate World Interaction Design Day together!

And a global celebration it was:

  • 6 regional live streams with unique content
  • 40+ hours of programming
  • 19 consecutive hrs online
  • 100+ sessions
  • 30+ countries hosting
  • 13,176 Viewers

During the Dutch stream 270 to 300 attendees were present and for the whole EU stream, 1500+ people registered - quite something!
Did you miss it? The Dutch recordings and presentations are available below👇and for more global IXDD20 inspiration, visit the IXDD20 Vimeo channel.

The three Dutch talks

Getting banks on board

Watch the recording on Vimeo and/or download the presentation (pdf).

PCAF- Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials - is a nonprofit organisation setting up a carbon accounting standard for financial institutions
What has happened developing materials and the website for PCAF and how did we manage to get more - and larger - financial institutions on board.
By Evert Albers (freelance designer for PCAF).

Key takeaways

  • Understand what carbon accounting is (spoiler: it's less complicated than you think) and why it is an important first step.
  • Show some predictable but also some unexpectedly effective ways to get big organizations on board.
  • Show how you can easily create a complicated document in Chinese without actually understanding the language.

Designing Cultures

Watch the recording on Vimeo and/or download the presentation (pdf).

By now most people know about design as a process, specific methods and tools and the importance of being human centered. However, this is only one perspective on design. In this talk I will try to make the case for the importance of a designing culture. I will argue that all society needs a culture based on design far more than the solutions professional designers have to offer.
By Marcel Zwiers (CDO at service design agency 31Volts).

Key takeaways

  • Design is in the service of people. Full stop.
  • Designers need to design transformations (not products / end points).
  • Design is for everyone. (Just like management can be applied to doing groceries).

Beyond Gender Binary Experience

Watch the recording on Vimeo and/or download the presentation (pdf).

Constantine and Alexandra take a critical look at the current state and the future of inclusion when it comes to gender and cover the intersection of culture, design & business. The talk is based on the research and their own experience working with big consumer brands, that both produce and sell multi-category/multi-gender products.
It gives a critical view of the cultural aspect of how inclusive brands/products are, provides a view on societal and historical aspects of how did we get here and gives a deep dive into how design and product teams can approach it when building inclusive user & customer experience, that goes beyond the usual Male/Female definitions.
By Constantine Gavrykov (Global UX Director at Intersport) & Alexandra Popova (Sr Product Owner at Adidas).

Key takeaways

  • What is the state of gender in user experience in Fashion and Performance Apparel? The good and the bad.
  • Why it is important to address gender-inclusion at this moment as a brand in general and as truly customer/user-driven product teams.
  • What toolset, approaches, mindset should be in place to make sure that it finds its way in more or less conservative organizations.

Agenda Dutch IxDD stream

20:00Intro IxDA NL & Friends
20:10'Getting banks on board' by Evert Albers
20:40'Designing Cultures' by Marcel Zwiers
21:20'Beyond Gender Binary Experience' by Constantine Gavrykov + Alexandra Popova
21:55Closing & Networking


IxDA Nederland is fortunate to have the following partners at this year’s IxDD, the well known Dutch UX communities; Amsterdam UX, Ladies that UX Amsterdam, Ladies that UX Utrecht and Amsterdam UX Cocktail Hours. They help select the submissions for this pan-EU IxDD streaming event & will co-host the Dutch live stream.

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