Lean startup & design thinking

30 September 2016 – Utrecht

Have you ever come up with an idea for a new service or product that you thought was cool? The fact is, most of us have these kind of awesome ideas. But neither we, nor startups and companies, are very good at taking advantage of them. Why? Because there is significant uncertainty around these ideas whether they will work. What if you know how to quickly test and validate whether the idea had merit?

A new method called the innovator's method is an end-to-end process for creating, refining, and bringing ideas to the market. It helps you apply practices to lower uncertainty and risk through cheap and rapid experimentation. Based on research of hundreds of established companies and successful startups, the innovator's method shows you when and how to apply techniques from design thinking, lean startup and agile software development in a holistic process. You will answer questions such as: How do we know whether this idea is worth pursuing? Have we found the right solution? What is the best business model for this new offering?

This hands-on workshop focusses on the basics of “how” — how to test, validate, and commercialise ideas using tools and techniques. You will learn to generate an insight, then moving to deeply understanding the customs problem, rapidly prototyping your way to a solution, and finally aligning the business model with the solution before scaling it.


About Larry Philip Monster

Larry Philip Monster has so much fun colouring outside lines, blurring the lines between design, innovation and entrepreneurship. He started his company after helping several international companies with their design and innovation strategy as an independent consultant. Now he's working on redefining the tea experience and he's helping over 15,000 startups gain traction through the startup foundation. Furthermore he's using knowledge and experience that he has gathered over the years to do research on how human-centered design impacts startups, at Northumbria University.

Practical information

Date and time Friday 30 September 2016
Location Vergader Inn
Croeselaan 207
3521 BN Utrecht
Tickets € 150,00. No vat applicable.
Conditions Tickets can not be canceled, but are transferable.
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