People, process and careers

17 April 2015 – Utrecht

Become a better participant in the design process.

Besides mastering the core UX skills that you apply in your day to day work, it is important to have a solid understanding of the entire design process, from business and strategic decisions, to working with project managers and developers. Equally important is knowing when and how to communicate your ideas to other stakeholders, and how to adjust your communication and behavior to have the most impact.

Sketchnotes by Nadia Nadienka.

In the first part of the workshop, we will introduce you to the people who influence the design process, and the deliverables they produce that influence what can be designed. Activities include sketching design process diagrams and org charts to identify the relevant stakeholders, as well as specifying deliverables that will help you and your team design successful user experiences. We will also show how other companies have document their design process, and help you draft a plan to improve your own process.

In the second part of the workshop we will focus on boosting your soft skills — you will learn how to successfully communicate, present and sell your work to different stakeholders. We will explain the concept of communication styles and the impact they have on a successful outcome of a project. You will learn to:

  • identify your own style, that of others and the resulting challenges;
  • adapt your own style to others in all kinds of work situations;
  • optimize your verbal and written communication, and improve your deliverables to meet the needs of your target audience.

The third part focuses on improving your UX career. We will discuss ways to become a better UX professional, help you discover your strengths and area of focus, and encourage you to plan your future career steps.

This workshop is for you if you are a UX practitioner and want to:

  • discover who in your organization has impact on the design of user experiences;
  • influence these stakeholders and contribute to their deliverables;
  • see the benefits of documenting your design process;
  • create a plan to improve your design process;
  • master different behavior and communication styles;
  • improve the way you communicate your ideas and designs;
  • improve the quality of deliverables by addressing different audiences;
  • enhance and learn how to apply your soft skills in a variety of work situations;
  • prepare for the next step in your UX career.

About Birgit Geiberger

Birgit Geiberger is a Creative Director UX & Consultant holding an MfA in Graphic Design.

During her 19 years of professional experience in the US and Europe, Birgit used her strong interpersonal skills and proven leadership ability to help cross-functional and cross-cultural teams in creating a respectful and enjoyable team environment.
With her passion for design and people, she develops design and communication strategies that lead to useful and meaningful products. She is enthusiastic about creating harmony between functionality and aesthetics, while finding the perfect balance between business, brand and user goals.

Birgit supports the UX community by being IxDA's Regional Coordinator for Europe, and is the founder of the IxDA chapter in Hamburg. She presents at national and international conferences, and teaches many workshops on UX and communication topics.

About Peter Boersma

Peter Boersma is a User Experience Strategist at SDL and a design process freak.

Since 1995, he has been designing complex, digital systems at international interactive agencies for clients such as ABN Amro Bank, Nokia, the UK and Jamaican tax departments, Shutterstock, Nikon and Michelin. In 2014 he became an “innie” and is now responsible for putting UX on the roadmap for several SDL products.

At most of his former employers, he was responsible for documenting the design processes, as well as optimizing and promoting them, both inside and outside the organization.

Peter has given presentations and taught workshops at many national and international User Experience conferences, some of which he helped organize. Since 2001, he is the host of the Amsterdam UX Cocktail Hours.

Practical information

Date and time Friday 17 April 2015
Location Fort aan de Klop
1e Polderweg 2
3563 MC Utrecht
Tickets € 150,00. No vat applicable.
Conditions Tickets can not be canceled, but are transferable.
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