Skateboarding, digital gameplay and education

24 March 2014 – Utrecht

What happens when we add elements of digital gaming to the physical gameplay of skateboarding?

Five multidisciplinary teams worked half a year on project Ramped to find out, combining research, design, coding and hardware to develop prototypes. You might have seen some of the results obstructing your way to the next presentation at Interaction14.

This talk shed some light on the background and the lessons learned in the project. Ramped is a collaboration of 30 students and 5 staff members of Hogeschool Utrecht (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht), 7 employees of Rhinofly and Skatepark Utrecht.

Project Ramped at Interaction14

Ronald van Schaik is owner of Rhinofly, an interactive agency based in Utrecht. Project Ramped is one of his brainchildren, as he is interested in exploring the boundaries of interactivity. Ronald is an oldskool skateboarder himself and this is an important factor in educating his sons, too.

Rob Maijers is a freelance usability coach and consultant. Hogeschool Utrecht is a continual client of his, where he co-created a physical interaction design program. Dedicated to benefit society, Rob loves interesting possibilities and alignment around projects, such as making Ramped a reality. Although more of a snowboarder himself, Skate or Die was one of his favorites in the C64 era.

Praktische informatie

Datum en tijd Monday 24 March 2014
Locatie Louis Hartlooper Complex
Tolsteegbrug 1
3511 ZN Utrecht