Let’s talk about this UX Management thing

11 May 2016 – Rotterdam

UX Management and UX Strategy are hot topics in the community. With its fair share of articles and presentations that proclaim this to be the next step for UX.

But what does it actually mean to be a UX Manager? And where do you get started? That is what Bob has been wondering since he started working as the first UX Manager for Coolblue about 6 months ago. And it is also the part the articles and presentations almost always skip.

Bob shared some of the things he has done and learned along the way. And what he still needs to figure out. Not all rainbows and unicorns but a realistic view on the practice.

Bob Corporaal is currently on an expedition to discover what it means to be UX Manager at Coolblue. Previously he did similar things at User Intelligence and as a freelancer. Always with the goal to create online experiences that help customers, brand and business.

Practical information

Date and time Wednesday 11 May 2016
Location Het Industriegebouw
Goudsesingel 136
3011 KD Rotterdam