Why education needs interaction designers

06 June 2016 – Utrecht

Nine years ago, Niels Floor was working both as interaction designer and as teacher. There was one particular question on his mind: what is the best way to learn? To answer this question he combined his background in design and educational into the idea of designing learning experiences. This idea evolved into a new design discipline: learning experience design (lx design).

Why education needs interaction designers

This evening Niels told about lx design and why it's relevant to interaction designers. There's great value in what designers can bring to the table when it comes to finding better ways to learn. That's why we need more designers — and specifically more interaction designers — to improve education.

Niels Floor is a learning experience designer, entrepreneur, teacher and trainer. He is the creator of the Learning Experience Canvas and is devoted to the development of lx design around the globe…

Praktische informatie

Datum en tijd Monday 06 June 2016
Locatie Louis Hartlooper Complex
Tolsteegbrug 1
3511 ZN Utrecht