Growing a UX tool

13 November 2017 – Utrecht

In 2015 Julius wrote 'A true UX tool', about the need for a UX tool that goes beyond wireframing. It highlighted a number of features and core aspects, for instance the need for 'UX source'; dedicated project files you can use to generate all UX assets like documentation, presentations and prototypes.

In 2017 Julius started working on-, and writing about prototypes for such a tool. The current version explores text-commands (!) as the main input. It's an open experiment, and potentially a product. He's going to share with you his progress, do a brave attempt for a live demo, and would love your feedback on how to best move forward.

A true UX tool

Julius Huijnk has a background in UX design (Advance, Jungle Minds), game design (co-founder FourceLabs) and software development (SpoorGloren).
Being employed for 3 days a week, he has the time to invest in his own projects, like the Idea Growr app, and TrueUX.

Practical information

Date and time Monday 13 November 2017
Location De Kromme Haring
Europalaan 2C
3526 KS Utrecht