Are we building A.I.?

12 apr 2016 – Utrecht

Artificial Intelligence is becoming somewhat of a buzzword in the design and technology communities. This buzz is partially derived from a plethora of Smart Agents hitting the scene: Siri, Google Now, Cortana, Facebook M, Hound, and more. However, these implementations aren't necessarily the beginnings of A.I., rather they are complex, conversational and contextual interfaces.

Zachary showed how these new interfaces are designed and how they help solve modern user problems.

Are we building A.I.?

Zachary Pfriem's design background began in the advertising world, when interactive surfaces were new to marketing and brands. From there he progressed toward product consulting, and finally to product design. Zach's current role is with Microsoft in the Windows Design Group, designing Cortana. His passion resides in sociology, science fiction, philosophy, and gaming, to name a few.

Design by Fire Café #055 Design by Fire Café #055
Design by Fire Café #055


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